Why A Designer?

At a time when many of us are holding tightly to our wallets, some potential design clients may have reservations about calling a design professional. In reality, a designer can actually save you money and time by preventing costly mistakes. A professional is a expert at scale, balance, proportion, color and product selection. These factors are critical in successful design. A designer’s talent and experience can change the way you live.

What Costs Are Involved?

While projects vary widely, you don’t have to empty your retirement account. Many projects can by be accomplished in just a few hours of design time. If you need help choosing paint colors, lamps, a chair or just accessorizing shelves, a designer can get that done quickly. However, large projects require time and professional know-how.  The reality is, it’s going to take money and time. The best idea is to talk with a professional and get an idea of costs for the things you want and need.  That way, you can set a realistic budget. A project can often cost more money than originally budgeted so adding 15% to your budget is a good idea. For instance, many people forget about labor costs. Everything you do will cost money from hiring an electrician to having an old table repainted. Hiring a designer is not a cheap endeavor, but you will certainly benefit from the creativity and experience a designer will offer.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and even a modest budget will make a huge difference! Saving money in one area can allow a splurge in a another.

How Does the Process Work?

An initial meeting will take place to talk about the project and visit the site, if possible. This gives me a chance to meet the client and talk about their lifestyle and expectations.  For instance, people with kids and dogs don’t need a white silk sofa! I can get a feel for the client’s style and color ideas. During the second meeting, I can show examples of furniture, fabrics and products that might work in the space. When we decide to move along with the project a contract is drawn up detailing the project and a deposit is paid by the client. Problems pop up from time to time, but it’s my job to make things run as smoothly as possible. Many clients like to decorate one room at a time.  This gives plenty of time to enjoy the room, relax and gather ideas for the other rooms coming up!

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